Empower Nepali Girls is proud to partner with these non-profit organizations who also help us fulfill our mission to educate at-risk young women in Nepal.

Child Foundation

Child Foundation is an international charity organization that helps children living in poverty remain in school.


We help children, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, and who they are or where they live

  • We believe the future of our world will correspond to the future of our children, so the better off the children, the better future world we can expect to have
  • We believe, all children have the right to enjoy and be granted the chance to attend school, receive desirable educations, and be helped with basic supplies of life while attending school
  • We believe, and all know, for a fact, that children in the societies are the most delightful innocent creatures, and at the same time, the most vulnerable ones, and their situation can change dramatically, if left behind uncared, because easily can get abused in all societies to the point that their world takes a turns for the worse before you know it. That could easily happen when we, the grown-up ones, either forget about the minimum vital needs, required for children to live a normal life and go on, or not taking it as seriously as we ought to
  • We believe, NOW is the time that we all must reach out and take children’s hands and support them to have their education, not continuously being worried and bothered alongside their parents, for the required livelihood and everyday expenses
  • We are determined to reach the most vulnerable children in Canada and anywhere else in the world

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