There has been a devastating earthquake in Kathmandu and Nepal, with injuries and deaths in the thousands. Empower Nepali Girls, with you, will be helping to recover.

We have set up a special fund to assist those who have lost their homes or require medical care that they can't afford. Our team in Nepal is providing aid, supplies, food and support to those in need. If you wish to help, please write the word "earthquake" on your donation so we know to allocate the donation for that need rather than specific scholarships for our girls.

Learn more about the girls in the program

Women face an uphill battle in equal rights within the family and community, empowering women as wage earners within the family affords them status and rights to decide on the welfare of themselves and their family. Read about the girls we empower.

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See the impact of Empower Nepali Girls

Find out more about how we directly support girls in Nepal. We provide tuition, uniforms, materials and support to our scholarship girls. In addition by building relationships with the girls, their families and schools, we help ensure the girls have the right foundation for success in their studies.

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Earthquake Relief Fund

The earthquake in Nepal is an unimaginable disaster in a country least equipped to handle it. Your generosity has been amazing. Learn what ENG is doing with your support.

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